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September's meeting included the new arrangements for the meetings going forward, a discussion of a new RFC concerning the extensionsproperty, @defer and @stream moved to Stage Two, calls for feedback on a number of smaller topics, and a presentation on the need for granular metadata in GraphQL.

Benjie's presentation is viewable on the GraphQL Federation Youtube channel: The slides are also available at:

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August 2022's working group meeting saw the working group moving closer to changing the meeting cadence, an update on the GraphQL over HTTP Spec, a proposal of a new STRUCT type, musing over evolving the definition of GraphQL, and more discussions around interfaces and unions.

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July 2022's working-group-meeting saw discussion around adding directives to existing enum values, adding "schema metadata" to SDL and introspection, allowing recursion when resolving the concrete object type of a value representing an interface or union type, an update from the GraphQL-over-HTTP working group, and an update on the defer and stream RFC.

Benjie's GraphQL Conference talk on Schema Metadata:

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June 2022's working group meeting saw the closure of a number of action items, the introduction of a new "composite schemas" working group, a discussion around an @experimental directive, a new validation rule to assert operation types exist, an update on the client-controlled nullability, @oneOf, and "unions implementing interfaces" RFCs and a number of spicy takes on the GraphQL spec itself!

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May 2022's working group saw the return of discussions around higher order abstract types in GraphQL, the availability of a canary release of client-controlled nullability, discussions around the shape of iterables and payloads for defer and stream and the advancement of @oneOf input objects to RFC stage 2. Join hosts Benjie and Jem for the details!

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April 2022's working group saw the announcement of the GraphQL Foundation's first conference, a preview of the future direction of GraphiQL, a proposal to allow unions to implement interfaces, and a discussion of the payload format to use for streams. Jem and Benjie give you the lowdown.

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A new podcast has arrived covering the latest news from the GraphQL Working Group. Hosts Jem and Benjie welcome you to the feed!

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